Flow Yoga I Yin/Yang Yoga I Restorative Yoga I Pregnancy Yoga

My first encounter with yoga was in 2001, in Istanbul. I followed classes at  Cihangir YogaYogaŞala, and Yogatime.  In 2011, I was lucky to be a part of the Free Yoga Teacher Training Program by David Cornwell. Free Yoga (RYS), consisting both yoga and Zen meditation practices, was designed with the idea that every body is unique in its own way and everyone can do yoga adapting the poses to their body’s potentialities. After my move to Amsterdam, I was lucky to find YogaZenter and started giving Flow Yoga and Yin/Yang Yoga classes there. I received my Restorative Yoga Treacher Training from YogaZenter in Spring 20018 and started practising it right away. Additionally, in the summer 2018, I got the Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training from Birthlight.